Bairiki by Jan Barwick

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Jan Barwick's work, inspired by living in the South Pacific Islands, Africa, Cayman Islands  

and Florida has a recognizable palette of bold color, with cerise, turquoise, tangerine

and citrus, capturing the vivid flora and marine life of the Tropics, Caribbean and Key West.

Jan chose to name the brand ‘Bairiki’, part of the atoll of Tarawa  in Kiribati, South Pacific, where her family for six years in the 1960’s.

However, the world has changed immeasurably over the last few years. Kiribati, is the first nation that will be reclaimed by the sea because  of climate change, making this collection all the 

more resonant.


While concentrating on key items, including Silk Squares, Bags and throw pillows, her designs translate beautifully onto many products, and are perfect for interior design and custom product development. 


Jan’s work has been featured at The Georgia Aquarium flanking the entrance of The Tropical Diver Exhibit and also in The Cayman Islands National Gallery.

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