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A universe of spontaneous creativity, realized in handcrafted jewellery of great artistry. 

This is the universe of Katerina Vassou jewellery, which has stood out, already since its first collection, with its innovative design, a wealth of charming forms and the use of unexpected material.

Semi-precious stones, silver, metal, crystals, bone, wood, rope, corals, get transformed, through elaborate processes, into jewellery with character; which, in some magical way, incorporates the personality of the wearer.

Its design mirrors the boldness in the use of new material and the desire to try fresh techniques, styles and forms. Yet, at the same time, one can identify a design philosophy that is not afraid to stay close to the feelings that the creative process bears. 

With collections that get constantly enriched - by including pieces of bold shapes as well as clean-cut, sculptural designs - Katerina Vassou jewellery rises to provide the statement yet basic piece of a look, thus evolving the concept of accessorizing itself.

The uniqueness of the designs’ distinctive and expressive style has become popular soon after the launch of the debut collection. Today, the brand Katerina Vassou has acquired an audience in more than 30 countries.

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