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Andrea Barnett

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Andrea Barnett began her career as an interior designer, spending 15 years at the helm dealing with antique furniture and architecture.

This is where she discovered her passion for vintage jewelry and fashion.

She started to collect Victorian lockets, charms, sports medals, religious coins and decorative chains whilst on her travels. 

She started designing necklaces incorporating these pieces.

In 1988 her hobby became her second career replicating some of these antiques to develop a vintage and inspired jewelry and belt line.

With a classic style that adapts to trends, Andrea uses her talent designing stunning necklaces, bracelets and earrings mixing freshwater pearls, gemstones and antique replicas.

She designs everything down to the findings and clasps creating an estate jewelry appeal that  has stood the test of time.

Andrea Barnett is made in the USA.  Andrea cast molds from antique crosses , sports metals, medallions , victory metals , old watch fobs or any unexpected artifact that she transforms into a modern vintage piece of Jewelry.Casings are in Bronze or sterling with real stones or pearls ranging from Turquoise, pyrite, Rose quartz and the occasional vintage crystal from the 40's.  Ear wires are 14K gold filled , necks extend from a 16" to 18" . Robin is respected and carried by Fine Jewelers across the country for her design and quality. 


This collection reorders very well for Easter, Mothers Day , Confirmations, Graduation .  

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