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Ayala Bar by Is Art

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A rose tinted flower peeking out of a crack in a pavement..... a glint of sunlight on a rusty can....a pebble marking gentle waves in a rain shower's puddle......wherever Ayala Bar goes, her surroundings inspire her. 

For this creative artist, the universe is indeed in the details. Insights and ideas are collected from sights and land sites that to the average person seem mundane.

Nothing is routine to Ayala. The materials she works with- simple metals, glass beads, 
mineral stones and crystal rhinestones are used to translate her creative perceptions into intricate patterns with a thousand messages.


Many have tried to define Ayala's Style. It has been called Art Deco meets the Middle East, for example. But the truth is that Ayala's style cannot be categorized. 
That is why every woman finds her own special radiance and very personal signature in the Ayala Bar jewelry she has chosen.

Ayala's creations draw on over ten years of experience as a costume jeweler, and an eclectic career in theatre and interior design. Today, Ayala is a mature designer, cognizant of the trends in the fashion world, but always true to her inner vision. This precious integrity creates the radiance that is Ayala's own signature.

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