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Phillip Allen Hefner

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Inspired by things he loves, Phillip has designed an eclectic line of jewelry that has a modern, fresh approach yet seems classic at the same time. Hand made in North Carolina, using components from around the world such as real coins, gemstones, pearls, vintage locks and a plethora of other unique finds, he combines these with unique chains in custom finishes to great effect. Mixing metals and finishes allows the customer to add to their collection over time, giving them the ability to layer pieces and create their personal style. And as each piece is made to order, they can also be customized when necessary.

His designs can go from work to cocktails with ease and will quickly become favorites in every woman's wardrobe. 

In the words of Diane Von Furstenburg "Jewelry is like the perfect spice... it always complements what's already there!" 

PAH is designed and produced in the USA.

Note ***Phillip Allen offers real coins with a tutorial card explaining the coins symbols and history. alone of the coins are glued in, they are drill set, polished and wire wrapped.

It's OK to state that the locks are "authentic Louis Vuitton locks" or "repurposed Gucci or Louis Vuitton vintage Canvas". You can quote as such on Instagram. We have product shots to provide upon request.

The real coins range from Greek Alexander the Great, French Frame, British Shillings and Irish coins.All are drill set and finished to wear on either side. 

The chains are solid bronze with a copper bath for a stronger bond with the 24K, sterling, black rhodium, antique bronze or gunmetal plate.

The shorter necklaces adjust from a 16" to an 18", but you can request a 17"to 19" or an 18" to 20". 

Small reorders between markets range from 1 to 3 weeks.



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